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10 Reasons To Have An Unplugged Wedding

More and more often now, couples are requesting an unplugged wedding. A tech-free, or “unplugged” wedding means asking guests not to use cellphones, tablets and digital cameras either during the ceremony or even for the entire wedding, as well as refraining from posting images online until after the wedding. Whether you love this idea, or still need some convincing, we’ve got 10 reasons that just might have you powering off for the day!


1. You’ve hired a professional photographer

If you do an online search for “unplugged wedding”, you will read countless stories from wedding photographers of guests getting in the way of photos because they wanted to be the first to post on IG. Not to mention, a flash from another camera or cell phone can also ruin professional photos. Most photographers will be so delighted if you just let them do their job without being in the way. Plus you’ve invested quite a bit of money to have beautiful images of your most special day, it would be a shame to not be able to see everyone’s smiling faces.

Guest Photo Bombs:

Unplugged Wedding Photo:


2. Your guests will be fully present

Do you really want your guests on their phones during dinner or during the reception?  You have spent months planning your perfect day; experiencing it through the screen of a phone or camera is just not the same as being wholly present. Not having technology means your guests are paying attention to what is going on and engaging in the festivities.

3. People will talk to each other

Not having phones means people can have conversations with each other instead of looking at their phones. Your photographer will take a lot of candid shots of everyone, so guests don’t have to worry about snapping their own photos or interrupting conversations to take photos. And wouldn’t those photos be best if everyone was laughing and engaging with each other?

4. You can enjoy the moment

Having an “unplugged” wedding also applies to the happy couple. Relax and be in the moment instead of snapping photos with your own phone or live tweeting every minute of your wedding. Even if you’re not having a tech-free wedding, give your phone to your Maid of Honor to keep for the day or better yet, leave it at home. We promise you will have plenty of time to catch up online later!


5. You’ll get flattering photos

Having a tech-free wedding means the photos you have from the wedding will be the flattering kind you want from your photographer and not grainy, cellphone photos with unflattering angles and bad lighting. Most photographers offer online galleries of the images, so your guests can download their favorites from the evening without having to cue up the selfie stick.

6. You won’t have noise and distractions

No one wants a ringing cellphone or message notification interrupting their ceremony. Having 50 phone cameras clicking and flashing at once might not be pleasant for everyone either.

7. Your guests won’t miss out on something

When people have their eyes glued to their phones, they tend to tune out what is going on around them. You don’t want to miss the cake-cutting, first dance or toasts because you were too busy checking your email or getting the right filter on that selfie. The wedding should be the most important thing going on that day.

8. Have more privacy

Some people love posting every moment of their waking lives online, while others like to keep special moments private. If you are the latter, nicely ask your guests to not post any photos of the wedding details online and to keep the photos for themselves.


9. Avoid social media embarrassment 

Having other people post photos of your wedding that they took can also lead to some social awkwardness. For example, there may be photos you don’t like from unflattering angles, party photos that got a little too rowdy or maybe someone who wasn’t invited will see the photos and have something not so nice to say.

10. You will save time

You only have so long to get all of your important photos in during cocktail hour. When guests are getting in the way of those photos with their own cameras instead of letting the photographer do his or her job, that session will take longer. With no technology at your wedding, your photographer will not have to wait for others to set up and snap their own photos, and you won’t miss out on any of those important family group shots.


Here’s what it looks like to not have an unplugged wedding:



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