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7 Reasons to Opt For A Small Wedding

When princesses get married in fairy tales, they do so while inviting the entire kingdom to watch their new beginning – and that’s probably why, on some level, so many of us seem to crave the same colossal royal festivities when saying our own ‘I DO’. But small, intimate weddings are totally making a comeback these days and more and more brides-to-be seem to fall in love with the idea of having highly personalized, unique celebrations surrounded only by close family and true friends. If you’re tempted by the idea of minimizing your stress and prioritizing quality over quantity  ahead of the big day, we’ve narrowed down the top 7 reasons why small weddings rock:

  1. Small Weddings Are More Personalized

You’re dreaming of personalizing your wedding with cute little DIY favors (hello, S’more love packs!) and handmade centerpieces, just to give your event that special personal touch – and while preparing 40 adorable favors seems like a fun project for an afternoon with your BFF, preparing 300 of them suddenly doesn’t sound as appealing anymore. Or what if you want to have a waffle bar complete with eleven different toppings and rainbow-colored sprinkles of all shapes and sizes at your reception – providing such a buffet would be both too messy and too expensive when you’re expecting 400 guests. Fact is, smaller weddings allow you to be more creative and involved, regardless if we’re talking about the decorative bits, the candy buffet or, often, even the catering.

  1. Small Weddings Allow You to Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

It’s only natural to want to share the best day of your life with your loved ones – but the reality is that large weddings are anything but family affairs. The time you actually get to spend with the people that matter most is significantly diminished if you are responsible for entertaining, greeting, socializing and dancing with hundreds of guests. Intimate weddings allow you to create memories with the ones that mean most to you, all while feeling comfortable, loved and at ease.

  1. Small Weddings Are More Affordable

No matter how you look at it, intimate weddings are cheaper than larger ones. And since you won’t be spending a fortune on catering for hundreds of people, you get to either save and invest the money in your future or simply splurge on something truly fabulous: like a magical honeymoon in Maldives! Not only are small weddings more affordable, but your options are more varied – since you don’t have any venue constraints, you can end up having a whimsical wedding in your friend’s lovely backyard, complete with grandma’s amazing pies, your handmade centerpieces and all this… for very little money.

  1. Small Weddings Are Less Time-Consuming

Planning a large wedding is no easy job: the hunt for the perfect venue, the guest list (and the even more time consuming table seating plans), the invitations and the rehearsals – all these require a substantial amount of time and lots of help. While planning an intimate wedding is by no means completely hassle-free, it is certainly the more economical option time-wise.

  1. Small Weddings Are Less Tiring

If your ideal wedding day starts with you being rested and fresh, then you might want to consider opting for a small wedding instead of a large one. The months leading up to your big event are definitely overwhelming and full of schedules – from dress adjustments to cake tasting and from finding just the right service providers to handing out all the invites, your days are all fully booked. And while small weddings also require planning and hunting for the best services out there, they are far less tiring: less invitations to send, less RSVPs, a smaller wedding party to coordinate, less rehearsals and so on.

  1. Small Weddings Can Be Magical & Unique

Spending less money on catering means having the possibility of splurging on something truly memorable – like a destination wedding. If you’ve been fantasizing about getting married in an exotic location, somewhere far from your daily stress and life, then grab your closest friends and your family and board towards the destination of your dreams. Creating memories that last a lifetime, all while being surrounded by the people your love in a jaw-dropping location is certainly an amazing benefit of opting for an intimate wedding.

  1. Small Weddings Are Less Stressful Overall

The possibility of dealing with less stress is the number one advantage that makes brides and grooms alike consider opting for intimate weddings instead of large ones, trumping even the financial benefits. When you’re about to embark on a brand new journey as life-changing as getting married, you want do it with a positive attitude, a fresh outlook and a smile on your face – three things that high amounts of stress can certainly prevent.


If you love the idea of keeping your wedding intimate and stress-free, contact us to plan a perfect celebration for you.

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