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Big Day Dilemmas: What Type of Wedding Should You Choose?

You’re getting married: Congrats! But just HOW are you getting married? When it comes to weddings, there is an extremely wide range of ways to celebrate your love: from intimate indoor weddings to large outdoor extravaganzas and from destination weddings in envy-inducing locations to quaint celebrations in the church, the possibilities are endless. But no worries, we’re here to help you get a little clarity regarding the different types of wedding celebrations out there – and in order to do that, we’ve narrowed down the main wedding-related dilemmas most couples debate upon.

An Intimate Affair Versus an Ultra-Large Bash

While many brides dream of having large weddings, complete with ice sculptures and a fortune spent on flowers, others enjoy celebrating their unions in intimate settings, surrounded by family and close friends. While there’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to answering the question ‘Should we go Big or Small?’, there are a few facts that might help you decide. Firstly, larger weddings are usually more expensive than intimate ones, as well as more stressful and time-consuming. On the other hand, there are risks involved with choosing a small wedding as well: What if not enough people show up? What if the energy and overall festive vibes will be lacking? Write down the most important qualities of your dream wedding (Fun, dynamic, with lots of dancing? Or rather relaxed and chill?) in order to help you decide regarding the size of your event.

The Indoor Versus Outdoor Dilemma

You’re dreaming of getting married in the middle of the nature, surrounded by greenery and gorgeous natural backdrops for your wedding photos – but if you’re located in an area that’s infamous for its strong winds, storms and overall unpredictable weather, you will need to make sure that your venue offers reasonable alternatives for those undesirable ‘what ifs’. Leaving aside the dreaded bad weather topic, outdoor weddings come with a wide range of highly tempting qualities – and versatility, or, in other terms, ‘the blank canvas’ factor tops the list. Basically, outdoor celebrations offer you endless possibilities and much more freedom, both location and style-wise than indoor events: you can choose any outdoor space out there and you can forget about the worry of matching your bohemian concept with the art nouveau architecture of the venue. However, if you are considering an outdoor wedding, you have to make sure that you will have all the amenities you need (bathrooms, lighting, music, food), as well as take into account the privacy and safety issues of your chosen location.

Church Versus Reception Venue

Picking the ideal location for your wedding ceremony is a highly personal matter, one that needs to be discussed with your partner. While some brides can’t imagine not getting married in the church, others prefer outdoor settings as their ceremony backdrops. Regardless of your own personal beliefs, denominations and spiritual affiliations, one of the main advantages of getting married in a religious venue is the fact that such spaces are all set up: from the officiant to the music and the seating and from the bride and groom rooms to the parking, it’s less hassle than dealing with all these yourself.

Local Festivities Versus Destination Wedding

If you’re seduced by the idea of hopping on a plane and getting married over the turquoise waters of Santorini, then… well, who can blame you, we’re all dreaming about it – but fantasies aside, be prepared to embrace the idea of having a small party. Destination weddings are truly magical, no doubt about that, but they are also very expensive for both you and your guests – which is why they are usually on the smaller side. If you can’t picture getting married without your entire group of friends from high-school, your 8 months pregnant cousin or your elderly great-grandma, then staying local is the safer bet.


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