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Do Discounts Hurt?

I’m part of a Wedding Planner networking group, and a common question that comes up is “How do I explain why I don’t offer discounts on my services?”. I’ve often had this conversation myself with couples during our consultation meeting. It’s not an easy subject to discuss, for either of us, but it must be done. With virtually every bride turning to wedding blogs for inspiration and planning tips, there is a lot of misconception on why it’s ok to ask a service provider such as DJ, Photographer, *ahem* Planner to simply cut their prices because you “love their work” and want them to fit within your budget. Some blogs such as WeddingWire and the Knot preach religiously that “it never hurts to ask”, and while it doesn’t hurt, what you are saying to that vendor is that you don’t value their years of experience and the time they are putting into making your wedding a priority.

I absolutely love this post “Why ‘Discount’ is a Dirty Word” by fellow planner, Amber Anderson of Heavenly Day Events based out of Ausitn, Texas. She likens asking a wedding services provider for a discount, to going to the dentist and asking them for one, “Cavity free teeth…. a smooth wedding day, can you really put a dollar sign on those things?”

I think of it this way… if you were at a job promotion interview and your  boss says ” I think you are a real asset to this company, and with all of your experience, I’d like to give you this great promotion. I’d also like you to do the work for less than what you are making now”, what would your reaction be?   Bottom line is that you are hiring a professional because you want a certain outcome, such as a flawless and stress free wedding day. There are plenty of ways to make your budget work, and my job as a planner would be to help you figure those out.

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