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How To Plan Your Own Wedding

Whether it’s for budgetary reasons, or just the desire to have complete control (believe me,I get that), if you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided it’s best to plan your own wedding. As someone who does this day in and day out, I can tell you with absolute certainty, you have a LOT of work ahead of you. With endless amounts of decisions, impending deadlines, budgets to adhere to, and a to-do list that appears to have no end in sight, planning your own wedding is no simple task.

Start with a budget

Creating a Budget

This is the most important part of planning your wedding. Know what the maximum amount of money you are going to spend, and know where this money is coming from. Then, you will need to allocate the money according to your priorities. What is most important to you; the food? the flowers? the honeymoon?

Make a to do list

Wedding Checklist

Once you’ve got your priorities figured out, you’ll need to organize your action items. How far our do you need to book your photographer? How many centerpieces need to be made? What are you getting for your bridesmaids gifts? Put it all in one list so you don’t miss any of the details.

Organize your design ideas

Wedding Design

Bless the higher powers of the interwebs for having every possible design set up at your fingertips. Whether it’s Pinterest or Google, you’ve probably got 27 different ways to display your vintage key escort cards, and it can get overwhelming fast. Keep your ideas organized and get another pair of eyes on your list to help you make sense of it all.

Talk to multiple vendors

Wedding Vendors

Unless you know exactly who you want to hire because you’ve admired their work for years, please, please, please, talk to multiple vendors before selecting the people you will trust to make your most important day the very best it can be. Ask them questions. Take notes. Make sure you communicate your vision and that who you hire will provide you with exactly what you are asking for.

Ask for help and delegate

Wedding Guest List

Whether you have the budget to hire a planner, or you have family and friends that are eager to help, take it! It is ok to assign someone to manage the guest list, organize the seating chart, or assemble the favors. Taking all of the tasks on yourself will get overwhelming and cause unnecessary stress. Lean on your loved ones and know that when they offer to help it’s because they genuinely want to make your day the best day ever.

Stay organized

Wedding Planning Organization

Make sure to keep all of your lists, design ideas, notes and sanity organized. I promise it will keep those late-night-can’t-sleep moments, so much easier to deal with!

Create a wedding website

Wedding websites are the easiest way to communicate all the information your guests will need regarding your big day. There are so many options out there from fill in the blank to templates to develop your own. Make it it as fun and informational as you want.

Create a timeline and seating chart

Seating Arrangement

Confirm with all your vendors ahead of time to know what time they will be setting up, and how long it will take them. Make sure to communicate what the absolute cutoff time is and exactly where and how things are to be placed.

Look in to Day Of support

Having a professional wedding planner is by far your best option for managing the details of your carefully crafted wedding. You poured your heart and soul into the planning, but on the day of, the only thing you should be worried about is relaxing and enjoying the reason you are all there together. If you cannot afford to hire a professional to ensure the details and timeline are executed appropriately, then definitely enlist the help of a friend you can trust (one that will put this job ahead of visits to the open bar).

Don’t forget… this is a celebration of your love for each other

Don’t let the details of your wedding overwhelm you to the point where it becomes un-enjoyable and excessively stressful. If you find yourself where the planning is too much, step back, take a breath, and remember the reason you have for doing this. You are celebrating the love between you and your fiance. It’s about what makes the two of you happy. If having a wedding where the planning is making you or your fiance unhappy, maybe also consider something smaller and more intimate.

If hiring a wedding planner to manage all of the details of your wedding isn’t in your budget, that doesn’t mean you are out of luck. Many planners offer consultation hours or even Virtual Planning options to help research, design and organize everything you may have not even though about yet. Contact Us if you’d like more information.

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