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Pinterest For Wedding Planning: Helpful Or Hurtful?

I don’t know about you all, but I can log in to Pinterest and plan about 23 different weddings in under an hour. I know plenty of people that aren’t even engaged yet that have their “Someday” board ready to go. With so many visually stimulating images around the world wide web, it’s no wonder I get frantic emails in the middle of the night from brides that are overwhelmed by the endless possibilities.


Although the inspiration is great, and sometimes needed to give you a better visualization and a way of communicating that vision of what you want, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of your expectations will be met. I don’t recommend going into a meeting with a florist with your 107 pinned bouquets and asking them to figure out how to pull them all together into one. Wedding trends are constantly changing, and trying to keep up with them is a daunting task. Your wedding should be a reflection of your unique relationship, your personal styles and both of your personalities. Not to mention, what you see on Pinterest, may not be possible to work within your budget. You’ll need to be realistic about your expectations.

Here are my top 3 pieces of advice for staying sane, and not over complicating your wedding.

  1. Trust your vendors. You’ve hired us because you like the work we produce and you trust us with your most important day. Let us do the job we were hired to do, and give you a day that is truly yours. Those that are seasoned won’t need to copy, and you won’t want them to.
  2. Be open about your likes, dislikes and non-negotiable’s. What looked beautiful in someone else’s wedding photos may not necessarily fit your style,  budget or personalities. It’s OK to say no to things, and we would rather you be open in discussing options, than have you look back on your own photos and wish you hadn’t gone there. Just because you see something you like online, doesn’t mean you must incorporate it or that it will be aesthetically pleasing to the overall tone of your big day.
  3.  Know when to stop. Again, this goes back to trusting the vendors you’ve hired, but if you are a hands on kind of person, you’ll need to know when enough is enough before it becomes too much. You don’t need to find 20 different versions of of the same style guest book to know that that’s the right fit for your vision. There really is such a thing as information overload, and there is enough stress during wedding planning process, that you should stay away from too many choices.

Pinterest is a wonderful tool (and distraction) for so many awesome things. It shouldn’t be the thing to send you into a breakdown when planning such a special day. Use it, but use it sparingly as a source of inspiration, not final say. Let your wedding day truly reflect you.

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