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Planning a Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 1

Recently, I received a call from a super fun couple that enlisted our help to plan a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe, from Southern California. Both have been to Lake Tahoe multiple times, and know they love the scenery (who wouldn’t?!?), but were confused by what they were finding on the internet regarding their options. This has been the biggest complaint from couples wanting to get married in Tahoe, so I wanted to put some organized information out there for those of you who are considering the Lake of the Sky as your destination wedding location. This 3 Part series will cover the most important aspects of planning a Lake Tahoe wedding including location, season and cost.


North Tahoe The largest challenge is understanding the difference between North and South shore, and other smaller regions that are not quite as busy. This article, written by Christina Nellemann for 7×7 is a great resource for the getting the overall feel of the two main sides of the lake. In more specific wedding related differences, North shore will have more fine dining and private estate rental options for more quiet and intimate weddings. The crowds are smaller and the beaches are sandier, but there is more glare off the water because the sun is over you for most of the day during the summer season. Choosing a good Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer, who knows the nuances, will ensure the glare in managed.

South shore is more of a touristy destination so you will deal more with crowds right around the lake, but there are more resort-style venues that offer you all-inclusive packages, and better entertainment options for your guests.

A few other options with great venues are Truckee, Donner and Olympic Valley. None are located right on Lake Tahoe, but are close by and have equally breathtaking views. Depending on the season, guests could easily stay in South shore for the recreation and travel to any one of the other off shore sites for your wedding.


Contact us for more information on planning your Lake Tahoe Wedding. Whether it’s local or destination, we’re here to help!


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