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Planning a Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 2, The Seasons

When planning a Lake Tahoe Wedding, the seasons are definitely something you need to spend time researching. Contrary to it’s surrounding areas, Lake Tahoe offers four very distinctly different seasons, all just as beautiful as the next.

Winter Weddings in Lake Tahoe




Winter Weddings in Lake Tahoe are spectacular. Starting around mid December and lasting through April, Tahoe usually has a cover of snow on the mountains, while the lake never freezes over, which makes for the perfect white wedding backdrop. Tahoe is usually less crowded in the winter months, although there are still plenty of people around who are hitting the slopes. For a quieter setting, choose the North shore, as there are fewer ski resorts around.

Lake Tahoe Spring Wedding



Spring Weddings in Lake Tahoe are little more unpredictable when it comes to planning for the weather. You may have degrees in the 70’s one week and 30’s the the next. By mid May most of the larger storms have subsided which makes Spring a little bit later on the calendar year than most areas. Spring is probably the least crowded time of year because you are getting after the ski crowd dies down and before the water-goers arrive.  When planning your Lake Tahoe wedding photography options, Spring is one of my favorites because you’ve still got snow on the caps, but the wildflowers have started growing every where.

Summer Weddings Lake Tahoe



Summer Weddings in Lake Tahoe offer an abundance of activities, which makes it one of the perfect places for a destination wedding. If you do your research (or hire a Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner, of course) you can find a location for your wedding that won’t be too crowded. There are several gorgeous private estates that offer the perfect beach setting for your ceremony and reception with the privacy and peacefulness it deserves. The temperature stays a lovely mid 70’s to high 80’s, with only the occasional thunderstorm. The sunsets are absolutely stunning, but not until 8-8:30ish, so make sure to plan accordingly with your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer who knows the area well.

Fall Weddings in Lake Tahoe




If you’re thinking Lake Tahoe for a Fall Wedding, you won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous red and oranges of the Aspen trees. If you can wait until after Labor Day when the crowds die down again, you’ll get the quiet serene waters with a little bit cooler temperatures that make Lake Tahoe the perfect backdrop for your vows. The days become shorter which make it much easier to get those sunset pictures, and leave more time for Dancing!

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