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#TravelTuesday~ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This week for #TravelTuesday, we take you to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This was a family vacation for us, but we think it’s an awesome honeymoon destination also. We stayed at the Hotel Riu Vallarta , which is an all inclusive resort that is both family friendly and has an area for adults only. Riu is another resort chain that offers the ability to explore multiple locations while staying at one. This one happened to have two other of it’s sister resorts within walking distance along the white sand beach. If you happen to be there Feb- April, be sure to do the whale watching tours where you can get up close views of humpback whales teaching their young to breech. It’s amazing.


We loved our visit to Puerto Vallarta because of the rich history in the city and the amazing scuba diving locations. Contact us if you’d like more information or would like to book your own vacation or honeymoon.

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