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#VendorWednesday~ Pigment and Parchment

I don’t typically get celebrity starstruck, to me they are just regular people who have pretty cool jobs. Who I do get excited about meeting, however, are creatives that are at the top of their game, especially those who are headstrong women that are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Rosaura Unangst, the artist behind Pigment & Parchment ~ Artisanal Stationery, is just such a person.

As any good celebrity stalker will do, I stalked Rosaura for months on Instagram before actually mustering up the courage to speak with her. Art is completely subjective, I know this, and I happen to find her artwork inspirational. I feel like if there is any way you are looking to personalize your wedding and have something truly unique, Rosaura is a woman that can make something magical.

Without further adieu (and to prevent me from going on and on in exasperated awe, which would only end up embarrassing the both of us), here is a snippet from my time spent with Rosaura, as she invited me into her home studio to see where the imagination and creativity meet paper.

I read through various other interviews, that you’ve been doing art since you were a small child, and your business stemmed from the need to be mobile for your husband’s line of work. Tell me about the progression of how you managed to get into creating custom stationary suites for weddings.

I started out with an Etsy storefront drawing watercolor caricatures, first with places that would be used as table numbers, then people were really into zombies that were made to look like them. I painted zombies over and over. I couldn’t draw zombies any….more… (laughing). I wanted the chance to be creative, and to make something unique each time. It took me doing all the stationary for my own wedding in a style that I loved to make me realize this was the direction I wanted  to go with my business.

eb73a3cd-f6f8-4ffa-85dd-cff3b722154dSo you taught yourself everything?

I’ve been painting since I was 3, and I took art all 4 years of high school, all various types because I just loved creating different things. In college I took all kinds of classes outside of painting… print making, sculpture, figure drawing, theater costume design, you name it, all while being an American Studies major. I was kind of tailoring my major to fit my interests. I didn’t take traditional art classes, I was exploring everything which is why I think I approach my art in a different way. I don’t do calligraphy and water color in the typical sense. I approach it as problem solving, and mixing different elements together. Calligraphy can be very rules based, and that is not me at all.

72dd4a23-5d98-4355-b11e-4a1ba5a31722Tell me about the process… how do you get from the couple contacting you to creating their stationary?

I do a lot of research about the couple. Once a couple books me, I send them questionnaires. Maps have their own document since they require a lot more information for me to include. The design worksheet itself, helps me narrow down and simplify the process of creating what their overall design for their day will be. I try to get at the core of who they are and incorporate elements that maybe they wouldn’t think to include, but have a lot of meaning in their relationship. Once I have all of this information in front of me, I start painting. Everything is freehand, I don’t trace or use a lot of straight lines. I like to keep movement in everything I create.  I believe they are getting a better quality of work from me when I can be free in my designs. Once the materials are done, I scan and clean up the images on Photoshop. I then check with my clients and if everything is spelled correctly I have them printed professionally.

39a718da-f1bb-43a3-be96-b6a86fe27de2Tell me a little bit about your ideal couple to work with.

My ideal isn’t a super traditional bride, or someone who is crazy concerned about etiquette. I connect really well with people who don’t want a cookie cutter wedding, and who run… not masculine… but not hyper feminine, or who are at least toying with the status quo of how feminine weddings tend to be. I love people who are okay with bolder design and colors. I love color. All of them! I will do all the colors if you let me. Because of the wording I’ve put into my website, couples know up front they need to give me their trust and not try to micro manage the process. I work with couples from all over the world, so that trust is super important.

Thank you, Rosaura, for giving me a glimpse into your creative space. Your work is inspirational and truly unique.

Be sure to check out more of Rosaura’s work at Pigment & Parchment. Oh! and as an added bonus… she does workshops for those of you who might not be planning a wedding!



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