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#VendorWednesday~ Stereo Photo Album

Stereo Photo Album


You guys! I’m about to introduce you to one of the coolest vendors and products you can purchase for your wedding. I met Samantha (she goes by Sam) at Freshbash this year, and instantly fell in love with her work. She is the photographer behind Stereo Photo Album, 3D Viewmasters that are like a living photo album. I’ll say that again…. she creates 3D images of your wedding to view through a Viewmaster! The little kid in me came back to life full force when I saw these up close, it felt like we were right there at the wedding being projected through the sights.


Here’s what this native New Zealander had to say about her business.



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How did you come with the idea to do 3D reels?

My Husband, Dave, is a professional skateboard photographer and was working on a 3D project and found the camera when he was looking for 3D cameras to shoot with, we instantly had that nostalgic feeling remembering the viewfinders we had as kids. I really wanted a creative outlet outside of the commercial work. The commercial work we do is really masculine and I love the femininity of weddings.  It started out by just a way for us to document family events and travels, then grew from there.  I wanted something timeless, but also fun, and there’s nothing like the expression people give when they look at the images of their wedding through the viewfinders. Weddings are so fun because everyone is happy and this is such an incredible, lifelike way to look back on those moments.

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Tell me about the process of creating the reels?

I shoot the weddings on a vintage camera with slide film. This means each shot has to be carefully set up, and there is only one copy. I can’t just point and shoot the way you can on a digital camera. There isn’t a zoom feature and light meter, so I have to think about what I’m doing. I’m definitely considered a specialty photographer, and not meant to be the primary photographer of the day. After the wedding, I send the film off to be developed at a lab, and they create digital (non 3D) images for the couples to select the ones they want, which is sometimes a little difficult, because it’ can be hard for couples to envision what the final image will look like in 3D, but I can give suggestions on which would be the best options. After that, I cut the film and layer images together to create the 3D effect. Once the reels are made, they are packaged inside a handmade wooded box along with a vintage viewfinder that we’ve collected.

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I wish there was a way for you all to experience how awesome these are. It’s hard to envision the total coolness of the 3D effect as witnessed through these timeless machines. You’re going to have to take my word on it. If you’re looking for a a very special item to capture your wedding day, and keep it so lifelike and real for years to come, you definitely need to connect with Sam. I wish we would have had the opportunity for something like this when we were married! Here are her Instagram and Facebook links for you to check out.

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