Plan a Marriage Proposal in Lake Tahoe | L Squared Affairs

Idea Creation Proposal Planning 

We help you design an incredible proposal based on your unique love story, you handle the delivery. These aren’t just ideas, they are fully planned out, regarding logistics such as venue availability, vendor interaction and product implementation. We also come up with a cover story to help guide your partner to the proposal without suspecting a thing. Perfect for our clients with big dreams but a small budget. Idea Creation includes steps one and two of the process below.


Full Proposal Planning

Full service proposal planning covers all four steps of the process below. We’ll start with your Q&A session to learn about your relationship, help you design your unique proposal, then you let our team take care of the rest. You can be sure that every last detail is taken care of and we are there to handle any last minute changes that may occur.


Step 1- Initial Consultation

Let’s chat. During a Question & Answer session we’ll discuss your relationship, learn about your partner and discover what makes your love story truly unique.

Step 2 - Idea Presentation

Approve your personalized proposal idea. Select the proposal idea you love, or mix and match to create one amazing concept. Once locked in, you get a blueprint with all the details.

Step 3 - Vendors & Planning

We coordinate a team of vendors to produce your engagement. An exclusive location, professional musicians, flowers, photographers and anything else you desire.

Step 4 - The Proposal

Relax. With the ideas in place, our experienced team is behind the scenes making sure every last detail is considered and executed flawlessy. Your only worry is what word comes after “Will You Marry Me?”