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What Makes A Luxury Wedding Different?

Luxury is not about money. Luxury is about experience.

Hang in there with me. Luxury is not…about…money. Luxury is all about experience.

But let’s get the money part out of the way. The average wedding costs between $25,000 – $35,000, while a Luxury Wedding typically runs in the 6 figure range, with 10% of all luxury weddings costing more than $1 Million.

Typical Weddings include a ceremony and a reception, along with some sort of flowers and décor that has been inspired by Pinterest and delivered with a level of D.I.Y. The day is set to music, the party ensues and is captured, one would hope, with photos, (hopefully) video, and a popup photo booth. There is some form of invitation and cutesy favors for guests to grab as they depart.

Luxury Weddings include all of the things that are associated with a traditional wedding, but what sets a Luxury Wedding apart is the experience.

Planning a typical wedding, couples will either handle most of the research and vendor bookings themselves, and hire a coordinator (that was hopefully not picked based on budget) to manage the day-of details, or they will hire a planner to help them with the details they have already selected and keep them within a certain budget.

Planning a high end wedding can take between 600 and 1,000 hours. The experience begins with finding a planner who listens and reacts as if you are the only couple in the world. The process is exciting, and you should be made to feel safe enough to explore all of your ideas, and reassured in the knowledge that your planner has assembled the best team available to deliver your vision. When times of stress arise – and they will arise – you should know that your wedding planner is there for you, and will take care of any problems that come up. Not because you have paid them to be, but because they want to be.

Today’s Luxury Wedding doesn’t necessarily mean grandeur, it means inclusion and personalization. A luxury wedding ensures the guests are included in the overall experience and they are impressed with the attention to detail and personal touches found throughout. They enjoy a feeling of anticipation, a “what’s next?” excitement that naturally progresses from arrival, to the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and beyond. Luxury weddings allow you to experience the traditional in a new, exciting, and very abundant, level. They take the “expected” and turn them on their heads. A luxury wedding entices all of the senses while showcasing the best in food, wine, decor, lighting, and entertainment.

Most importantly, guests leave with the feeling that they will never again have an experience quite like this.

Want to give that Luxury Wedding experience but not sure where to start? Here are just a couple fun ideas;



Instead of an open bar with just beer or wine, hire a bar service that creates signature cocktail experiences. Waiting for a drink to be served becomes a form of entertainment.






Send your guests home with a caricature drawing instead of a candy bag.





Dessert Table




If you’re known for having a sweet tooth, don’t just serve cake, create a dessert area where your guests can indulge in fine pastries and chocolates.






There are so many ways you can create a Luxury Wedding Experience for your guests. Contact us to start planing yours.



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