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What To Include In A Wedding Website, So It’s Actually Useful

While you don’t NEED to have a wedding website, we certainly recommend having one. Websites are a great way to get all of the pertinent information out to your guests without having to field all of the calls. Below is our list of recommended details to include.

  • Date, Time and Location

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many times this gets overlooked. If there are special notes on the location, such as parking instructions, make sure you mention those here. Like if you’re getting married in Lake Tahoe in the summer at a public location, guests may need to arrive earlier as parking on the street is limited.

  •  Travel Information and Accommodations

Chances are you’ll have at least a couple guests that are travelling for your wedding. Think about what information they’ll need; nearest airports, car rental companies, lodging suggestions (and if you’ve negotiated any room rates), maps and driving directions, Lyft or cab companies, etc. Make sure to also include a list of local hotspots that guests can visit and enjoy while there, such as your favorite wineries for tastings if you’re getting married in Napa.

  • Registries

Since etiquette typically frowns on printing your registry information on your invitation, your website is the perfect place to inform your guests. You also have the option to provide direct links, which makes the shopping experience so much easier for them.

  • RSVP’s

Online RSVP options make tracking your guest list so much easier, and it helps your guests out by not having to  remember to get the envelope in the mail on time!

  • Timeline of Events

Most guests like to know exactly what to expect for a wedding. You don’t need to give them play-by-play of your wedding day in detail, but a general idea of when to be where, makes it so much easier on everyone. Don’t forget to include any information on pre or post wedding events such as a welcome dinner or morning after brunch.

  • FAQ’s 

A detailed FAQ section is super helpful when wanting to get certain details across to your guests. If you are not having children at your wedding, this is a good place to explain that and provide information on any child care services that you have arranged, or are in the local area. Another important detail is dress code, and you can even provide helpful links to describe in detail what semi formal looks like. Will you be asking guests to abstain from using their camera phones (because you’ve invested in your totally awesome photographer), or will you have a fun #weddinghashtag that you want all your guests to use? Think about questions you would ask when invited to a wedding, and provide the answers here.

  • Bio and Photos

Last but not least, make sure to include a little information about you as a couple and some photos. Everyone loves a love story!

There are so many options out there for building your wedding website from free to paid.  If you’d like more information on building your wedding website, Contact Us to get started!

Happy Planning!


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